You have an Instant Buyer for Accident Car

Posted on Jun 5th, 2018

You look at the car that the insurance company left with you and almost wish they would have claimed it when they issued your check for your insurance claim for the car. The car is wrecked. The engine is so badly damaged that it will never run again, and the car just sits there, looking debilitated. The body of the car is wrecked, as well. You look at the insurance cheque and know that it will take likely a hundred or two hundred dollars to have it towed to the wrecker. What is your solution? Your solution is Car Removal Campbellfield.

The Instant Buyer for Your Accident Car

So, your car is an accident condition; don’t let that stop you from getting cash for the car over and above your insurance claim. With Car Removal Campbellfield, you have an instant cash buyer for your car. A buyer that offers many courtesy services, so you don’t have to spend a dime getting your car sold to us. Say, you would like to get rid of the accident car today along with all the memories it creates each time you have to look at it? You can get it sold and removed today with Car Removal Campbellfield. We offer same day car removals and pay cash for accident cars at the time we remove the cars.

Selling Your Car to Car Removal Campbellfield

Selling your car to Car Removal Campbellfield is quite simple. In fact, all that is necessary is to give us a call over the phone. If you would rather avoid getting a quote over the phone, you can visit our homepage to complete our online “Get a Quote” form. The form is quite simple to fill out, only requesting the details of your car for our appraiser to provide a quote. Car owners that accept our cash offers for their accident condition cars can then schedule a FREE Car Removal. With us, you don’t have the inconveniences or costs of selling an accident car, and you have an instant buyer over the phone or online.

Get A Quote

To obtain a cash quote for your accident car & to schedule a same-day removal please contact Car Removal Campbellfield at the number below. Quotes can also be obtained by visiting our homepage.

Call us for a top cash quote for your accident car by calling 0449 113 659.